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At Family Audiology and Hearing Centers, we believe that better hearing leads to a better quality of life.

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Patient-Centered Professionalism

Better hearing is better healthcare and your quality of life is our heartfelt focus.



At all levels of superior technology, our personalized solutions will fit your budget and exceed expectations.


Caring Expertise

For 35 years, we have professionally provided sound advice and peace of mind support.



Our locally-owned practice is always dedicated to our community. Past, present and future; our team is at your service.

Hearing services that give you a better quality of life

From comprehensive hearing evaluations to hearing aids fittings, programming and more, we help our patients have a better quality of life through improved communication and understanding.

Hearing Tests

At Family Audiology and Hearing Centers, we understand that your hearing is a crucial aspect of your overall health.

Hearing Aid Fittings

At Family Audiology and Hearing Centers, we provide personalized hearing aid fittings, including selection, programming, and ongoing support.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus, a common auditory issue, often manifests as a constant ringing or buzzing sound in the ear without an external source.

Balance Treatment

At Family Audiology and Hearing Centers, we offer Balance Treatment as part of our comprehensive audiology services.

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom-molded earplugs provide a level of comfort and sound protection unachievable with generic alternatives.

Musician Monitors & Custom Earbuds

In-ear monitors and custom earbuds have become indispensable for both professional musicians and avid music listeners.

Captioned Phones

Captioned phones can transform the lives of people living with hearing loss, helping them reconnect with the world around them.

Earwax Management

Understanding earwax management is crucial to maintaining good ear health.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Like any technology, hearing aids may encounter issues over time.

Hearing loss education

At Family Audiology and Hearing Centers, our individual providers are dedicated to building strong rapport with our clients. We believe that by establishing a personal connection, we can better understand your unique needs and provide exceptional care.

Hearing Loss & Dementia

Explore the impact of hearing loss as a modifiable risk factor, empowering you to take charge of your brain health.

Hearing Loss & Diabetes

Learn from well-respected research as it reveals how poorly controlled diabetes may contribute to significant hearing loss.

Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

Backed by reputable research, uncover the financial implications and severity factors associated with the subjective condition of tinnitus.

Better Hearing & Speech

By taking crucial steps towards communication wellness, one can truly be happy to hear and fully engage in life's symphony.

Hearing Loss & Cognitive Decline

Unlock the connection between hearing and cognitive function, and live a life filled with the joy of learning and the pleasures of personal relationships.

Hearing Loss & Depression

Explore the importance of nurturing auditory abilities for meaningful social connections.

Hearing Loss & Heart Disease

Understand the interconnectedness of heart health and hearing to proactively address potential risks and enhance overall quality of life.

Hearing Loss & Kidney Disease

Embark on a journey through the intricacies of the human body's systems, focusing on the often-overlooked yet crucial role of the kidneys.

Hearing Loss & Risk of Falls

Understanding the intricate relationship between hearing loss and balance becomes imperative for maintaining quality of life and safety.

Hearing Loss & Vision Loss

Draw attention to the invaluable role that clear audio and visual acuities play in enriching daily experiences, from casual conversations to enjoying hobbies.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Be empowered to take control of your hearing health and enjoy a safer, more fulfilling auditory experience in the years to come.

Ototoxicity & Hearing Loss

Know more about the often-overlooked topic of ototoxicity, a condition characterized by medication-induced hearing loss.

Patient reviews

Learn about our practice from recent patients and their experiences.

"Brett is very professional - always on time and patiently answers all my questions.  I am a first time user and approached hearing aides with a lot of trepidation.  Brett and Monica are a good team and made it easy for me. I highly recommend them."
Family Audiology and Hearing Centers
Beavercreek, Ohio
"I highly recommend Dr. Koenig and the rest of the staff at this clinic. From the moment I checked in, the friendly staff made me feel welcome and  Dr. Koenig walked me through what to expect which really helped to ease my anxiety. She has since seen my father as well!"
Family Audiology and Hearing Centers
Middletown, Ohio
"We had such a great service provided by Jamie Ashcraft. She is very caring about her patients young and old. She definitely loves what she does."
Family Audiology and Hearing Centers
Centerville, Ohio
"This team was so pleasant, professional and courteous. Melissa is phenomenal at what she does, very honest and well experienced. I highly recommend this centre for all your ear-related needs."
Family Audiology and Hearing Centers
Hamilton, Ohio
"Trusted, professional excellent services. The hearing aids they fit me for makes a world of difference. It is life changing. Very professional. Highly recommend them. Brett is fantastic!"
Family Audiology and Hearing Centers
Huber Heights, Ohio
"Jade and everyone at the Family Hearing Centers are wonderful to work with. Their customer service is outstanding and we could not be happier with the product we purchased. I highly recommend a visit to experience for yourself their attention to detail and care."
Family Audiology and Hearing Centers
Kettering, Ohio

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