Family Audiology and Hearing Centers, Where You're Treated Like Family

Our goal at Family Audiology and Hearing Centers is to treat our patients Just Like Family. We are proud of having 3 generations of our family who have been dedicated to helping our patients hear better.

Building Relationships and Educating the Community

At Family Audiology and Hearing Centers, we believe in building strong provider-patient relationships. Our individual providers take the time to get to know you and treat you like family.

We are committed to educating the community about hearing loss and empowering those with untreated hearing loss.

Local & Family owned Provider Since 1985

37+ Years of experience

Since 1985, our family-owned practice has been helping our patients to hear better and understand speech more clearly.

Our professionals live and work in your local communities and have for over 100 years of combined experience specializing in testing hearing and hearing aid fitting.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the dedicated professionals behind Family Hearing Centers.

Dr. Angela Koenig

Dr. Angela Koenig is passionate about and highly skilled in treating both hearing loss and tinnitus.

Jamie Ashcraft

What started with Jamie learning Sign Language in college has led to a compassionate audiology career spanning 25 years.

Paige Parker

Dr. Parker has accrued diverse professional experience in various environments such as private practices, ENT clinics, and pediatric settings.

Heather Smith

An Audiologist with a master's degree from Ohio University and a Doctorate from the University of Florida, Dr. Smith specializes in treating adults with hearing loss, tinnitus, and dizziness, known for her clinical expertise and commitment to improving life quality through better hearing.

Emily Byorth

An Audiologist with a Bachelor's degree from Ohio University and a Doctorate from the University of Louisville, Dr. Byorth is passionate about educating patients on ear-related issues and aiding them in achieving optimal hearing.

Sarah Shirk
Hearing Aid Specialist

A Hearing Care Practitioner with a decade of experience, Sarah earned her Hearing Aid Specialist license in 2020 and excels in providing personalized hearing solutions with a passion for seeing patients regain their hearing joy.

Scott Larson
Hearing Aid Specialist

Scott Larson has dedicated thirty-three years to the hearing care field, helping thousands of patients improve their hearing and quality of life.

Jessica Betts
Hearing Specialist

Jessica has been dedicated to helping others hear better for over 10 years and specializes in hearing aid fittings, hearing aid programming, and hearing aid repair.

Kevin Brown
Hearing Specialist

Being a musician since he was 7 years old, Kevin graduated from Ohio Northern University, with an emphasis on sound engineering.

Theresa Edwards
Hearing Specialist

Having devoted almost 20 years to the medical field, Theresa has specialized in hearing care for many years.

Debbie Henson
Hearing Specialist

Debbie joined our professional team in 2021 and loves making a difference in patients' lives and seeing their hearing smile!

Brett Griffith
Hearing Specialist

Having dedicated almost 20 years to the hearing care profession, Brett is a highly skilled and deeply experienced hearing aid specialist.

Lindsay Amend
Hearing Specialist

Since some of Lindsay's loved ones having hearing loss, she takes great pride in treating all her patients just like family.

Tiffanee Pulfer
Insurance & Billing Specialist

Insurance Specialist with a strong background in customer service, Tiffanee focuses on helping patients navigate insurance complexities to maximize their benefits and ensures they are well-informed about their healthcare options.

Mandy Oppy
Operations Manager

Operations Manager with extensive experience in public health, nursing, and assisted-living settings, Mandy excels in patient education about the importance of hearing for overall healthcare, backed by strong leadership skills.

Stephanie Williams
Patient Care Coordinator

With many years in the healthcare field, she joined our caring team in 2022 and strives to make folks feel welcome.

Jenna Cokins
Patient Care Coordinator

Advocating for helping folks to make well-informed decisions, Jenna's interest in sharing reputable educational information is evident.

Logan Placke
Patient Care Coordinator

Logan enjoys learning about how hearing loss relates to other medical conditions and sharing educational information with her patients.

Carol Amend
Patient Care Coordinator

Since hearing loss runs in her family, Carol truly understands how it can impact quality of life and is passionate about treating all patients like friends.

Monica Lewis
Patient Care Coordinator

Multilingual and trained as a pharmacy technician, Monica’s wide variety of experiences, along with her enthusiasm, will ensure you feel well taken care of.

Ashley Jett
Patient Care Coordinator

Ashley loves how happy someone is when they put hearing aids on for the first time and delight in hearing their loved ones again!

Barbara Henry
Patient Care Coordinator

Barb is delighted to have joined our professional team as Patient Care Coordinator at Middletown and Wilmington locations.

Casey Reagan
Patient Care Coordinator

Casey has a genuine enthusiasm for helping people is evident and she delights in seeing the pure joy of those who hear better.

McKenzie Conner
Patient Care Coordinator

Patient Care Coordinator and a graduate of Bellefontaine High School, McKenzie's positive approach and dedication to exceptional patient care are evident in her interactions with patients and in her administrative responsibilities.

Jess Lowe
Patient Care Coordinator

Bio coming soon...

Emma Smith
Practice Administrator

A Practice Management and Patient Educator with a BA in Psychology from Ohio State University, Emma specializes in providing patient-friendly educational materials and handling administrative tasks.

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