Can Loud Toys Affect My Child's Hearing?

January 15, 2024
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Can Loud Toys Affect My Child's Hearing?

Children tend to want to play with toys and games that make noise. Whether it affects your child's hearing depends on the type of toy and how it's used. For instance, if your child often holds it up to their ears. there's a risk of damaging developing ears. Read on to learn more about loud toys and what kind of hearing care is necessary to reduce relaxed risks.

What Kind Of Toys Can Be Too Loud For Kids?

It depends on the volume level of the toy and how it's used. Some children's toys have reasonable volume controls. Others can be too loud if held close to a child's ear or used over and over. In general, toys that can affect hearing or get too loud include:

  • Talking dolls
  • Toy versions of musical instruments
  • Toy guns
  • Games with that emit sounds when played

How Can Loud Toys Affect Your Child's Hearing?

Ongoing exposure to loud sounds can lead to hearing loss in children. Hearing loss in younger ears has the potential to do more damage than what's typical for older kids. This is because children's ears are still developing. Depending on the extent of the damage, hearing loss that results from loud toys may be temporary. It could also be more serious and long-lasting.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Child's Hearing?

Start by checking the volume level on the toys that make noise that are often used by your child. It can also be helpful to supervise your children when they play with toys or games that make loud sounds. Also, encourage your children to mix things up with the toys they play with. That way, not everything is making noise. Additionally, it's a good idea to limit time spent playing with anything that's too loud.

What To Do If Hearing Loss Occurs?

If you notice signs of hearing loss in your child, visit an audiologist so they can perform a hearing test. This way, they can determine what caused the hearing loss so that we can create a treatment plan. If detected early, it's often possible to manage hearing impairment in children. It's worth noting that exposure to loud toys can aggravate existing hearing issues.

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