Common Causes of Hearing Loss

January 15, 2024
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Common Causes Of Hearing Loss

There are many common causes of hearing loss. Your audiologist needs to determine how you developed hearing loss. From there, they can figure out which treatment option, like hearing aids, will work best for you.


Hearing loss can be a genetic issue, passed down through your family. Some people will have it as soon as they are born. Some people do not develop any issues with their hearing until they are older. For example, otosclerosis is a condition where the bone in the ear can overgrow. This can cause issues with hearing. This is often thought to be a hereditary disorder.

Exposure To Loud Noises

Loud noises can cause damage to your ears that is permanent. It is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. Hearing loss can come from things like fireworks, or even loud machinery at work.


Another common cause of hearing issues is medications. Medications like platinum-based chemotherapy drugs, aspirin, diuretics, and certain antibiotics.

Diseases, Infections, And Viruses

Many viruses, infections, and diseases can contribute to hearing loss. These include autoimmune diseases, blood vessel diseases, ear infections, mumps, and meningitis. It is important that a person get prompt treatment whenever they have a health problem. This is especially true in a condition like an ear infection that affects the ears.


Accidents can cause hearing damage and loss. Things like a skull fracture, perforated eardrum, or a brain injury can impact hearing. Sometimes, the trauma to the ears is not permanent. This will lead to restoration of hearing, as a person recovers. But, some people may lose their hearing altogether after an accident.


Sometimes, tumors can grow in the ear. They can be benign or cancerous. Either one can cause a negative impact to your hearing and cause you to have issues with not hearing well. These tumors can also cause things like weakness, ringing in the ear, and facial numbness.


As you age, you will often find that your hearing is not as good as it once was. This is because the ears become less elastic. When the ear loses its elasticity, the hairs within the ear become damaged. This prevents the ears from responding to sound well.


Tinnitus is a condition where a person has ringing, buzzing, or vibrating in their ears. It is very common, and there is no cure. There are several approaches to treatment for people who suffer from the condition. Some people have tinnitus so bad, that it impacts their hearing. For some people, hearing aids are a popular choice to help with the hearing loss caused by tinnitus.

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