Superheroes With Hearing Loss

January 15, 2024
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Superheroes With Hearing Loss

As the weather gets colder, many children look forward to all the candy handed out on Halloween. As your child decides who they will dress up as, consider a positive role model like superheroes. When it comes to hearing loss, there are a few deaf superheroes your children can admire and dress up as.


The Hawkeye series has incorporated hearing loss into the life of its main character. After undergoing childhood abuse by his father, Clint became deaf. This superhero and his brother, Barney, learned signed language as children. As part of the series, Hawkeye received hearing aids to help with his hearing loss. He accepted them with full gratitude. This superhero shows the emotions associated with hearing loss. It also showed the importance of seeking help from a professional.


Makkari is one of the most popular Eternals that moves at the speed of sound. In the newest Eternals movie, Makkari is a superhero played by Lauren Ridloff. Many don't realize that Ridloff was actually born deaf. That hasn't stopped her, though. Besides playing Makkari, she's a public school teacher for kindergarten and first grade.


Another Marvel Comics character that is deaf is Echo. This Cheyenne Nation prodigy is the daughter of Tracksuit Mafia. In her origin story, she lost her hearing when she was a child. Echo has popped up in many Marvel Comics over the years. The newest is a spot on the Hawkeye series.

One unique fact about this Echo character is that its actress Alaqua Cox is also deaf. She provides a unique perspective to help bring the struggles of real life onto the big screen. Throughout the series, Echo uses lip reading and body language to communicate.

Blue Ear

Marvel Comics is a popular brand that receives a lot of fan praise and feedback. One boy wrote to Marvel complaining that no superheroes wore hearing aids like him. Marvel writers responded by creating Blue Ear. Marvel made this superhero to show children that superheroes can be born different. You can catch Blue Ear's introduction into Marvel Comics in Iron Man.

Tom Clerc

Sign Gene is a movie all about deaf superheroes. Its main character, Tom Clerc, is an NYC deaf secret agent. Alongside his partner Ken Wong, Clerc heads to Japan to track down the cause of spates of crime. They discover the villain as deaf criminal Tatsumi Fuwa, who used his mutation to rise to power.

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