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Learn more about the hearing care services and treatments we offer at our 14 locations. Not all services are available at each location. To learn more about the treatments available at your location, please contact the location directly.

Hearing Tests

At Family Hearing Centers, we understand that your hearing is a crucial aspect of your overall health.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Family Hearing Centers provides personalized hearing aid fittings, including selection, programming, and ongoing support.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus, a common auditory issue, often manifests as a constant ringing or buzzing sound in the ear without an external source.

Balance Treatment

At Maze Hearing & Balance, we offer Balance Treatment as part of our comprehensive audiology services.

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom-molded earplugs provide a level of comfort and sound protection unachievable with generic alternatives.

Musician Monitors & Custom Earbuds

In-ear monitors and custom earbuds have become indispensable for both professional musicians and avid music listeners.

Captioned Phones

Captioned phones can transform the lives of people living with hearing loss, helping them reconnect with the world around them.

Earwax Management

Understanding earwax management is crucial to maintaining good ear health.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Like any technology, hearing aids may encounter issues over time.

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At Family Hearing Centers, we strive to be there for all your family’s hearing needs. Because of this, we have 14 convenient locations in the Ohio area for you to visit. See which location is best for you and schedule an appointment today.